Kawit LGBT celebrates milestone for their community

Members of the LGBTQ+ community in Kawit, Cavite are celebrating a “milestone” after an incident happened in a local shopping mall just recently.

Bern Capa Sabang, a transwoman from Imus City, was stopped from entering a female restroom in the Lokal Mall on Thursday by a maintenance worker.

Sabang immediately reported it to authorities and the Kawit LGBTQ+ organization in order to seek assistance, knowing that the town has an ordinance that supports her rights.

The Gender Fair Ordinance, also known as Resolution No. 45-20, aims to protect all citizens from Kawit or not, regardless of gender, against discrimination.

Jethro Azul Roasa, President of the LGBT Pilipinas Kawit Chapter, acted in response to the incident, and the management of the aforementioned shopping mall, according to her, responded immediately.

“For the meantime po, habang ‘di pa po nagagawa ‘yung All-Gender restroom, they will suggest for the LGBT [members] to use the PWD CR,” Roasa told The Cavite Rising.

Roasa also stated that the management of Lokal Mall has assured everyone that this will not happen again and that it will teach the staff to treat one another with respect, particularly the LGBTQ+ members.

Furthermore, the organization’s leader expressed her appreciation to the management and the local government.

“We are very thankful to our beloved mayor, Angelo Emilio Aguinaldo, for signing the resolution; because of this, we know that the welfare of the LGBT community is well served, [with] no discrimination, and that the LGU of Kawit loves and respects our LGBT community,” she added.

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