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UP Mathematicians develop AI-powered Baybayin Translator

Mathematicians from the University of the Philippines are pushing the boundaries of innovation as they are refining the software they have recently developed—a computerized method of converting documents written in ancient Filipino Baybayin into text that even non-native readers can easily understand.
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Pinatunayan ng 82-anyos na si Iluminada Fabroa mula sa Cavite na hindi hadlang ang kaniyang edad sa bagong karanasan matapos niyang mag-skydiving sa Siquijor kasama ang kaniyang apo.
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WHERE TO GO: Historical Places to Experience in Kawit

Kawit, known as the birthplace of Philippine independence, is a town steeped in history and played a crucial role in the country's struggle for freedom against Spanish colonization. When you visit Kawit, make sure to immerse yourself in its storied past by exploring the many historical landmarks and attractions scattered throughout the town.