ANONG KUWENTO? Some showbiz issue/happenings to look back in 2023

Here’s a quick round-up of all the trending showbiz issue/happenings during this year:

Before this year ends, let’s take back some of the TV personalities that shocked PH showbiz this year.

1. Toni Fowler’s controversial music video

Social media influencer Toni Fowler released her “MPL” music video which was flagged as adult content. Netizens criticized Fowler’s music video saying that it is indecent and should not be appropriate to post on different social media platforms. Moreover, Fowler released a statement saying that their music video was restricted, and not intended for all audiences.

2. Awra Briguela in Makati bar brawl

In a viral video, Comedian and former child star Awra Briguela was seen in handcuffs following an altercation outside the Bolthole Bar in Poblacion, Makati City.

Moreover, Briguella allegedly asked Mark Christian Ravana to remove his shirt. Ravana claimed that Briguela tore his shirt, triggering a brawl between her friends and Ravana’s group.

The actor has been released from police custody after posting bail.

3. EAT vs Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga’s main trio Sen. TIto Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey De Leon announced the departure of the longest-running noontime show from TV production company TAPE Inc. on Wednesday.

“Simula ngayong araw, May 31, 2023, kami po ay magpapaalam na sa TAPE Inc. Karangalan po namin na kami’y nakapaghatid ng tuwa’t saya mula Batanes hanggang Jolo at naging bahagi ng buhay ninyo” Vic Sotto said.

4. It’s Showtime suspension

ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime” has been slapped with a 12-day suspension by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after the controversial cake scene involving romantic partners and hosts Vice Ganda and Ion Perez.

“Viewers have lodged multiple complaints before the MTRCB concerning the show’s July 25, 2023 episode wherein the program’s hosts allegedly acted indecently during one of its segments, ‘Isip Bata.’,” read the statement issued by MTRCB released Monday.

5. Amir of Rap

Carlos Agassi drew flak on social media after he released songs to their album “Amir of Rap”. One of their music videos that went viral is entitled “Milk Tea”. Agassi received criticisms from netizens, saying the song is offensive and it is against the LGBTQ+ community.

The Kapamilya network said it will file a motion for reconsideration to appeal the suspension.

6. Pura Luka Vega arrested over ‘Ama Namin’ Drag performance

In July, former “Drag Den Philippines” contestant Pura Luka Vega lamented how she wasn’t supposedly given the chance to explain her side over her controversial “Ama Namin” performance.

This came after several local councils in the country, including that of Manila, declared her persona non grata or unwelcome.

7. Francis Magalona’s alleged lover and daughter

In October, a woman who asserts herself as the former partner of the “King of Rap” Francis Magalona, along with their daughter made a public appearance to sell a jersey in the recent episode of ‘Pawn Star’ hosted by Boss Toyo, Abegail Rait and Gaile Francesca showcased and offered for sale a jersey they contend belonged to Francis Magallona. She also shared the backstory correlated with the jersey.

8. Michelle Marquez Dee’s Miss Universe campaign

PH Bet Michelle Marquez-Dee showed her prowess on the stage as she unveiled her signature “Snake Walk” and she presented herself with a tattoo-inspired evening gown, paying homage to the oldest indigenous Filipino tattoo artist, Whang-Od.

The 28-year-old Pinay ended her Miss Universe 2023 campaign in the Top 10. She also stood out as one of three golden winners of the “Voice for Change’ campaign for her advocacy for autism awareness and Inclusivity.

9. Pokwang vs ex-partner Lee O’Brian

Comedian and TV Personality, Pokwang, whose real name is Marietta Subong, has won the deportation case she initiated against her ex-partner, American actor Leo O’Brian.

The Bureau of Immigration declared O’Brian’s deportation and further specified the cancellation of his tourist visa, noting that he had breached the terms and conditions of his stay in the country by actively participating in the film, television highlighted in the BI ruling, as stated by Pokwang’s attorney, Rafael Vicente Calinisan.

10. Francine Diaz on SethDrea’s past relationship

In December, Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz broke her silence on the cheating allegations with her new partner, Andrea Brillante’s ex-boyfriend, Seth Fedlin.

In an IG live Francince directly confronted her bashers who jumped to the conclusion that she “stole” Fedelin from Brillantes.

“Wala akong inagaw, and stop the hate. Kung ano man ang naging problema nila Blythe and Seth noon, sa kanila ‘yun, labas ako doon. Kung ano man ang problema nila ngayon, labas ako doon. Huwag niyo na akong idamay,” Francine stated on Instagram.

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