ANONG KUWENTO? Some showbiz issue/happenings to look back in 2023

Check out these viral social media posts featuring personalities that brought laughter to the online community in 2023.

1. Kris Bernal’s iconic haircut

Netizens created memes and burst into laughter after Kris Bernal’s hairstyle from the 2006 GMA Starstruck went viral. In response, the actress reacted to some funniest memes created on social media.

2. Kangkong Chips by Josh Mojica

A young entrepreneur from Cavite named Josh Mojica went viral on social media after he established a kangkong chips business. In an interview with Philippine Star, he started his business venture with a capital of P3,000. Then, he grew his business until he provided jobs and established his own factory. He also went viral when his video spread throughout the internet wherein he was asked a question about “diskarte o diploma.” This pushed netizens to create memes and ignited a debate between them.

3. Rosmar

Entrepreneur and influencer Rosmar Pamulaklakin got millions of views after she unveiled her music video entitled “Manalamin” which is all about calling out her bashers. The said video evoked varied reactions from netizens. Netizens make fun of some part of her song such as “Rosmar lang malakas” and “Aw aw”.

4. Outfit check in ‘Simbang Gabi’

Netizens poke fun of the weird outfits of some teenagers during the Night mass.

5. Tupad clothing

Tulong Panghanapbuhay Sa Ating Disadvantaged / Displaced Workers or known as TUPAD is government program that aims to give short-term livelihood to the Filipinos. However, people in the internet wore their ‘Tupad’ clothes as their Christmas party outfit.

6. Tiger

A drunk student disrupted a class which caused an argument between him and a teacher. Later on, the guard referred to as “tiger” went to them as it attempted to get out of the class. In response, the student tried to convince the guard that he was not drunk. It went viral and netizens tend to make memes and parodies.

7. Lato-lato craze

It felt like the fast-changing world stopped as children were seen again in the streets playing a game called “lato-lato”. Besides, the internet were dominated by videos of children playing this kind of toy.

8. Motivational rice

Netizens criticized Rendon Labador’s “motivational rice” as it costs P100 per cup. Rendon is known as a motivational speaker and social media personality. However, he always involved in several controversies.

9. Taylor Sheesh

Filipinos felt sad when the Eras tour of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift skipped the Philippines. But, Taylor Sheesh brought happiness to Swifties by performing as Taylor Swift at various malls in the country.

10. Mekus Mekus craze

Indian content creator, Mr. Nobodydudy gained popularity on social media after he posted reaction videos regarding street foods in India. He always mentions “mekus mekus” in his reaction videos which means “mix mix”.

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