How delicious fusion of love, friendship formed thriving business

Most of the time, family and friends make great business partners. This is proven by the inspiring story of four young entrepreneurs composed of two pairs deeply in love.

Most of the time, family and friends make great business partners. This is proven by the inspiring story of four young entrepreneurs composed of two pairs deeply in love. They have combined their personal relationships and expertise to start a business together. Join us as we unveil the stories behind their journey in establishing Penge Birria — a Mexican Birria Taco stall in Cavite City.

Strengthening the Faith in Friendship

As shared by RJ Villota, one of the four entrepreneurs, the idea of building a business came from the two lovebirds, Ernesto Amador and Queen Ara Garcia-Amador. They invited RJ and his girlfriend Janica Pelayo to join them, giving birth to their Birria business. At first, he didn’t know what Birria was, but his trust in his friends led him to join their plan.

“Nag-uusap kami kung anong business ba maganda. Hindi ko talaga alam ‘nung una ‘yung Birria kaya sabi ko ‘Sige may tiwala naman ako sa kanila.’ Kaya ayun, nagjo-joke lang ako sa kanila ng ‘Penge birria, penge birria’ kasi nga katunog siya ng barya. Hindi ko naman akalain na magugustuhan nila yon at sineryoso nilang gawing pangalan ng tindahan namin,” RJ shared, recalling the moment they named their business and how he felt that they also trusted him.

Assigning roles has become easy for them because they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Ernesto takes care of the cuisine and culinary expertise, Queen Ara handles business operations, Nica oversees their finances, and RJ manages online marketing and logistics.

For RJ, their business is more than just a store—it represents the perfect blend of friendship and entrepreneurship. As of the moment, they have never encountered significant conflicts for they have faith in each other, have clear responsibilities, and their diverse experiences contribute to their thriving success.

Falling in Love with Their Work

These four young adults, who referred to themselves as “Birr-kada,” fell deeply in love with their work. Their passion for what they were doing burned brightly and seemed unstoppable.

They live by the motto “Kung may gusto kang gawin, gawin mo na,” and this continues to motivate and remind them to pursue their dreams.

But in business, there are mountains to overcome. The first challenge they faced was financial hurdles and how to create a spotlight for their brand to attract customers. Rather than seeing this as a setback, they saw it as an opportunity to think innovatively. They tried out social media campaigns, collaborated with friends, and participated in bazaars.

Another challenge was finding the perfect location. Initially, they had planned to have a mobile store, but circumstances led them to use Nica’s family’s small garage instead. They turned this limitation into an advantage by transforming the humble space into a cozy snack spot.

Personally, RJ learned a valuable lesson: embracing challenges is just as important as having a passion for your goal. For him, each hurdle they overcame brought them closer together and strengthened their commitment to their work. They developed resilience and adaptability, knowing that these qualities were crucial for long-term success.

Clutching onto Hopes of Success

When it first started, they had fair expectations, believing that Penge Birria would be a temporary venture lasting just a few weeks. Little did they know that their hopes would propel them to become the best Mexican Taco Birria stall in town.

However, they have their own individual plans and dreams. The Amador couple contemplates going abroad for new opportunities, while Nica and RJ, aspire to grow in their respective industries that they had taken in college. Despite this, they were still determined not to let these plans hinder their business growth.

Birr-kada’s hopes extended far beyond the limits of their humble garage stall. They pictured Penge Birria growing and creating branches in numerous places, eventually becoming an iconic name in food circles.

Their aspirations went beyond just business success. They were succeeding in helping one another, supporting and uplifting each other every step of the way. For RJ, success was not merely a result of hard work but it was the belief and hope they held for the future they were building together. 


Their relationship became the fertile ground where faith, love, and hope intertwined. With faith in their abilities, love for what they do, and hope for the future, they created a harmonic venture. Penge Birria has become more than just a business—it’s a labor of love and friendship that continues to grow and thrive.

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