LOOK: This local shop promotes Maragondon’s rich handicraft culture

Are you looking for a place in Cavite to buy local products? You can shop and visit Likhang Maragondon, a handicraft shop in Maragondon which showcases local-based and eco-friendly products from handwoven fabrics, bamboo items, to accessories.

“Heritage in your hands. Crafted with purpose.”

With their tagline, Likhang Maragondon truly gives you a place to have an opportunity to see and get in touch with the rich culture of Maragondon, a third-class municipality in Cavite.

This handicraft shop showcases local-based and eco-friendly products from handwoven fabrics, bamboo items, indigenous decors to accessories the creation of which tap their traditional craftsmanship.

Operating since 2019, this native product enterprise not only provides spotlight on such products but they are also able to provide support to the Maragondon-based artisans who are also behind these handicrafts.

Through this, Likhang Maragondon creates sustainable items which also empowers the town’s livelihood. Here are some of the items that you should try:

Handwoven Fabrics

From the upcycled threads they get from different garment companies, they can make outstanding clothing, scarfs, blankets, hand bags and many more.

Behind these Habing Maragondon garments are the hardships of the last lady weavers in town using their antique wooden looms.

But that’s not all they’re proud of. They also introduced the first local handwoven face mask that conformed to the recommended minimum specifications for non-medical face masks for community use of the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Health (DOH) standards.

Photo courtesy of Likhang Maragondon.

With that, Habing Maragondon face masks have reached 21 countries including Australia, Switzerland, Japan and Canada.

Bamboo Products

As the Bamboo Capital of the province, Likhang Maragondon features handicrafts made out of the famous plant.

One of the famous bamboo products here is the bamboo speaker. It is an eco-friendly and energy-saving item wherein users can just place their phones in the center slit and enjoy the music.

Likewise, they also have this hand-made alcohol pump dispenser that is also being used in their town hall and several establishments to promote their culture.

They also sell some home decorations made out of it like vases and containers among others.


Several local artists have commissioned their masterpieces at Likhang Maragondon.

Among the artworks are acrylic paintings by Pastor Lito Gestiada and the oil pastel ‘Starry Night’ version of Mt. Buntis by Dan Turiano.

Aside from that, some artists painted the bamboo products to give more colors and design.

You can also buy their hand-painted refrigerator magnets, pins and keychains. They also have souvenir products which are worth the money spent.

Do you want to visit and buy some of their products? You can go to Brgy. Garita A, Maragondon, Cavite beside Bersabe Grocery Store or message them directly on their Facebook page for inquiries and local and international orders.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article.

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