TIMELINE: A year into COVID-19 pandemic in PH

Here’s a rundown of significant events that took place over the past year the country grapples with the pandemic.

The Philippines marked its first year of imposing one of the world’s longest and strictest community quarantine with the detection of new COVID-19 variants and surge of infections.

Nationwide, the virus has so far left more than 700,000 people infected and over 13,000 killed. At least 100, 000 of the total confirmed cases remain active as of posting.

Aside from disrupting lives, the health crisis has also paralyzed the economy as it fell to its worst post-war recession last year.

Among the government’s strategies in responding to the pandemic is the balancing act of further relaxing restrictions and reverting to more stringent protocols through different forms of lockdown.

Amid all the uncertainties, the start of the vaccine rollout serves as a glimmer of hope for many since it is being considered as a key step toward herd immunity.

The Cavite Rising looks back at what has happened in the country since the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus at its ground zero Wuhan, China.

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