Discover mangrove forest ‘Pugad Baboy’ in your next Kawit visit

Kawiteños know “Pugad Baboy” not as a famous comic strip but as a gift of nature. It is a mangrove forest that serves as a haven for migratory birds and a home for different species of fish and shellfish.

Make the most out of your next trip to the historic town of Kawit in Cavite by exploring its enchanting mangrove forest “Pugad Baboy.”

Nestled at the heart of Brgy. Poblacion, this mangrove forest is perfect for those looking for a place to relax and to appreciate the beauty of nature amid the ongoing pandemic.

Video courtesy of Jom Dela Torre

Below the tangled roots of the mangroves are nurseries for different species of fish like milkfish (bangus), trevally (talakitok), and rabbitfish (danggit) as well as shellfish like shrimps and crabs.

Far from its name, “Pugad Baboy” has become a paradise for birdwatchers too since it is also a sanctuary for some migratory birds, with some nests perched on mangroves’ branches.

Aside from providing livelihood to local fishermen and boosting eco-tourism, the mangrove forest has been protecting townsfolk from tropical storms over the past decades.

The local government and the private sector have been trying to reverse the decline in the number of mangroves due to natural disturbances and land reclamation by planting more seedlings annually.

A 45-minute boat ride to the site costs P200 per passenger. Visitors may contact boatman Rogie Yohan at 0997304992 to schedule their trip.

Thumbnail photo from Jom Dela Torre

(Note: TCR sought and got Sir Jom’s permission to use his drone photos and video)

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