Marcos Jr. welcomes New Year with hopes of bringing Filipinos together

His top goal for Filipinos is still unity.

In his first New Year’s message as the country’s chief executive, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. renewed his call for unity and solidarity among Filipinos as the nation welcomed 2023.

Marcos Jr. urged Filipinos to “embody the true meaning of solidarity,” believing that the spirit of communal unity would enable the country thrive in difficult times.

“It is in this understanding that we need, now more than ever, to embody the true meaning of solidarity. The innate Bayanihan spirit in all of us is what will keep us going against all adversities that will continue to test our fortitude as a nation,” said Marcos Jr.

With this, the President hopes that the people will draw strength and inspiration from their genuine love for their fellowmen and the nation, which truly binds them together.

“This is the essence of our call for unity and the impetus for our continued invitation to work together for the realization of our shared aspirations as a people,” he said.

“Together, let us move full-steam ahead towards our goal of giving a better life to every Filipino family. I am confident that, by coming together, we can withstand and overcome all challenges and bring our nation to greater heights,” he added.

The chief executive ended his message encouraging Filipinos to “remain steadfast and united as ever as they ask for the Almighty’s guidance in the journey toward attaining a better, brighter, and more prosperous future for the nation.”

Thumbnail photo from Bongbong Marcos/ Facebook

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